Monday, February 23, 2009

Manic Mondays

Lovely to be back after my short break. I had an eventful weekend, in that I finished my first commissioned baby blanket and stopped smoking. Yay me! I found it interesting that they were both the same level of ongoing difficulty. I still want to smoke and my hand is still sore after using that damned small crochet hook.
There are a few things I wanted to talk about on Friday, mainly Lost, since I hadn't done so already. So, Lost...
I am kind of in love with the fact that the main crux of the season isn't them getting back to the Island (just like last season it wasn't them getting off the Island). Which is why half way through the season they are back. I'm guessing the crux is getting back to the right time. I'm also guessing that Sun, Sayid, and Ben are in a different time. I hope they find Richard again soon so he can explain what on earth is going on. Assuming he knows, Richard strikes me as kind of mercinary and rather smart but not always in the know about what is going on with the Island.
And one other thing, what the hell happened to Ben? And why on earth didn't anyone say to him, "dude? WTF?" Even if I don't like a fellow if I see him obviously beaten to a bloody pulp I will ask after him. It's just polite. Everyone is guessing he went after Penny, which I would bet, but I'm also betting that Ben had something to do with Sayid being in police custody on that plane.
The Oscars were kind of predictable huh? I mean, everyone picked that. Except for Sean Penn. Everyone kept saying it would be Rourke, but I'm happy it was Penn. I like him more.
That is all for now...

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