Monday, February 2, 2009

Why can't I dream you away from me

Pretty neat line, huh?
I've been having a lot of really weird dreams recently, probably as a result of the impending court case. My favorite so far was my and the kid moving and my ex deciding that he was going to wall himself up in my attic. Ah, the fun a shrink would have with that.
The court case is tomorrow. All yesterday my brother reassured me (except when I was alseep, I hope he wasn't creepy and talking to me in my sleep. Though honestly he doesn't strike me as anywhere near that creepy), telling me "you have a lawyer" and "you have nothing to worry about", but I worry anyway because it's about the kid and I love her muchos.
Anyway, onto other things...
Out here in SE PA a small town has been having a horrific string of fires. One took out 15 homes at one shot, which is horrible to imagine. People are patroling the streets in an effort to stop this arsenist, but there were still 4 more fires this weekend. Who knows if they are related, they were outside of the town limits, but what are the chances that they were a separate arsentist? It's scary and if people could think good thoughts for Coatsville that would be great. They need it right now.
Also, if good thoughts could be spared for Kentucky and their residents that would be super. I used to live down there and let me tell you, if a half an inch of snow can shut down the state imagine what all that ice has done. It's insane.
And finally, Phelps. In case no one has noticed, Michael Phelps is 23. And if you've never heard him talk, let me assure you he sounds like a 23 year old stoner. All in all he could be doing worse things with his millions upon millions than visiting a frat party and taking a hit off a bong. Should he have? Dude, don't ask me, I don't even drink (seriously, I have a case of hard cider in my pantry that I bought when I moved in to give to the people who helped me. It's still unopened and likely will remain that way). I think it could have been worse, at 23 you make bad decisions (I decided to get married for instance, not my shining moment). Move on media, seriously.
Also, Haggart, you are not a heterosexual with issues. Honey, you're gay. It's OK to say it. It really is. Come on out, no one will stone you. Join a nice UCC church and find yourselfsome healthy fellowship.
That is all. I will update on the court case tomorrow. Think happy thoughts for me and the kid!


  1. i hate the sliming of phelps. he's 23 years old and has spent the last how many years doing nothing but swim, eat, sleep, repeat? of course he's going to go a little nuts. no big.

    haggard- you're gay. if you want to stay married, fine, but you're gay. heterosexual men do not like to have sex with other men. that's what homosexuals like to do.

    1/2" of snow: in PA, no big. when i lived in el paso, tX: end of the world. no lie, 1/2" of snow was the apocalypse. if el paso gets 1/2" of snow and then 4 horseman, everyone would be so upset about the snow, they would never notice the war, pestilence, famine and death.

  2. Oh my God Kentucky was like that too. They went absolutely insane. People were trying to drive and sliding around, I simply could not believe it. I wanted to go around and shake people and say, "It's a half an inch of snow! Not death flakes from the sky here to kill us all!!"
    Poor Haggard, I really hope he comes to terms with his own sexuality for his sake and the sake f his kids. It's a terrible spot that he is being put in because of his religious beliefs, and at least it sounds like he's getting past that, but man. Boy has got to come out.


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