Monday, March 2, 2009

Dear Mother Nature

Seriously? Are you kidding me? A nor'easter, huh?
I'm currently looking outside at 9-10 inches of snow (despite my "local" weather forcasters assuring me I only have 7. I measured, people. I know). The snow has been blowing sideways for a good long while now. Yay!
I ended up not making it into work today no matter what I tried. It was all a big fat mess. There is now so much snow outside that I can't go anywhere. And after the snow stops? Wind! Yay!
I live on the top of a ridge in a new development. There are no trees to speak of, so nothing to break the wind when it comes. My power goes out just due to wind on a regular basis. It kind of sucks (Oh and by the way PPL, thanks for getting my power on within three hours on Sunday. Nothing I like more than a lazy Sunday morning without heat. You guys driving around the neighborhood aimlessly was really awesome. You looked lost).
So yeah, Mother Nature? I like you. We get on well for the most part. But I don't know why you sometimes decide to dump a shitload of snow on us. Sometimes, you suck Mom.

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  1. We were supposed to get 12" of snow yesterday, which never happened. Today, we were supposed to get "maybe an inch" and we've already got 6".

    Mother Nature clearly hates us all.


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