Friday, March 27, 2009


Sometimes I have the strangest dreams, and because I figure if you're reading this you've gotten used to my usual level of weirdness, I'll wow you with my subconscious' weirdness...
So I was on a playground with the kid. And I fall and bang the crap out of my knee. I mean, cut it open, blood, the whole nine yards. Mom comes over and tells me I need to have surgery because I hurt it much more than I realized. I start to freak out, because I realize they mean to do the surgery right there on the playground. I don't want that! I tell Mom that I'll just get a knee brace and it will be fine, and get up and try to walk away. I get as far as a fence when I realize that I can't walk any further and that my ex husband is there. I also realize that I'm being followed by the man who is going to do the surgery. He's cute! And I know him, but in that way you know people in dreams. I sit down, and he comes over and sits down with me, and it's cool because we're friends and all. And he asks me if I trust him enough to do the surgery. I am hyper aware of my ex husband watching us, and I'm starting to get really self concious, but I tell him I do trust him, but I'm scared. He assures me that is OK, and then turns to get his instruments.
Which is when I actually woke myself up I was so scared.
Which is weird, because I've been through surgery, twice now. I'm not scared of it.
Got only knows what my subconscious was up to.

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