Friday, March 20, 2009

Things I don't understand

Specifically about conservatives...

You guys had the government for 8 years. You had the media for 8 years (now just hush up, when Fox New was considered reliable buy everyone else you know you had the media). You had public opinion for 8 years.

Why are you beated down? How on earth do you expect me to believe that? And why do you accuse liberals of screaming at you? This? This isn't screaming. This is called "rational discourse" in a place we like to call "reality". I know you are all scared about having a black guy as president, but calm down. Please. No one is going to:
1) make the US socialist.
2) take away your guns (?? Really, why are people afraid of this?)
3) take away your right to protest. In fact a number of the restrictions that were in place from Bush may be lifted, so you might even be able to protest where Obama is.
4) take away your right to be christian (again, what? Why are they afraid of this? Obama is christian.)
In fact, no one is taking away any right. Boom.
See, sometimes I get these crazy anxiety problems too. I take medicine. It's better. I recommend it.
Talk to your doctor today.


  1. I think we need to start slipping anxiolytics into the water supply of every area that voted McCain.

    You know why they think Obama's going to take away their guns and religion? Because right wing leaders are lying about it to whip up their followers against Obama and the Democratics, cause Odin forbid the bailout works- then even these asshats would have to like Obama.

    And we can't have that.

  2. And yet we were the bad guys for complaining when we actually did have rights taken away from us.
    These people really do make my head hurt sometimes.


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