Thursday, March 12, 2009

You may want to have that looked at

There are people out there who really hate women. Especially women who are smart and outspoken and feminist.
For a really stunning example of that, make with the clicky here, and read the comments in particular.
The woman they are talking about, Jessica Valenti, is the founder of the blog Feministing and author of the new book The Purity Code (which I plan on buying when I get some extra cash). I have been reading her blog for a while now, and it's pretty good. Like a lot of feminists out there she is smart and funny and a decent read.
She's also getting married, to which I say, Good for her! And that is where this hate starts, because she posted on her blog about her impending wedding. Some right wing blog picked it up and off they went. The link above is to Ace of Spades. And there is some major hate going on there. For a woman they never met, who they assume to be a terrible overbearing bitch because she is a feminist and actually has the gall to say things they don't agree with.
Man, there is a group of people who need to have their issues checked out.


  1. That was just ridiculous. "Oh, she doesn't believe what I do- what a bridezilla bitch!" Yo, her wedding, she can do what she wants. I don't personally think my not getting married would have changed anything, but good for Jessica for thinking of it and caring.

    Also, considering the HUGE amount of bs I get when people find out I got married in Vegas by Elvis (my favorite is, "Were you pregnant?"), I love that people are standing up and saying, "Hey, you don't HAVE to do a Hallmark wedding. Do your own thing if you want."


  2. I think the Elvis wedding is awesome, but I am a big fan of camp :-)
    I am shocked that these people not only attacked her, but that they also attacked her fiance, that's just not right. And some of the things they were saying was just amazing, and I am no prude. Stay classy guys! Stay classy.

  3. Yeah, camp all the way. Plus, with the money we saved on the wedding and not buying an engagement ring, we got our house. I LOVE my house.

  4. Houses are way better than rings. Any day!


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