Thursday, March 26, 2009

She back! Yay!!

I love Sarah Palin! Because when I'm starting to feel really crappy I read something that she's done and can say, "Hey! At least I'm not that dumb!"
Like this, for instance. Really sweetie? You keep trotting out the whole "blame the media" thing and it keeps dying. No one really believes that the media was what killed your hopes of vice presidency. Sweetie, it was all you.
But I love you anyway, because you and your gosh-darn red neck ways make me feel so much better about myself.


  1. To paraphrase a comedian, Sarah Palin makes me feel better, because even if I were being raped by an eight-dicked walrus, my torment will end, and she will always be Sarah Palin.

  2. Yes, much like stupid, Sarah Palin is forever. I think she is some kind of cosmic joke sometimes.


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