Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two things

Two things are bugging me today (well, OK, more than two, but these are the big ones. And it isn't even 8AM!)
1) If you're not Irish, why are you wearing green? Or orange, but how man non-Irish folks know that? But really, St. Patrick's Day is a holiday, a religious one. You know, the whole Saint part of the name. It's not about everyone being Irish (that one really irritates me, considering how people actually viewed the Irish) and it's not about drinking. In fact there is less drinking in Ireland today because the bars are closed. For god's sake.
2) AIG? Shut up. About your contracts and your bonuses. You guys are scum, you got us into it, and if you have the big ass balls to actually pay the people who screwed up millions of taxpayer bailout money then you had better listen to our bashing the shit out of your company and take teh fall. You have made a series of insanely idiotic decisions, now deal with it.


  1. "Dogs and Irishmen need not apply."

    I spent half an hour once trying to explain to a Latino that yes, even "white" people have been victims of extreme prejudice. She didn't buy it.

  2. It was so common that Mel Brooks made fun of it in Blazing Saddles when he had a character say, "We'll take the Chinks and the Niggers but not the Irishmen." You know you're low when you're below black people in post civil war society.

  3. Bah, I view St. Patrick's day as a day to celebrate being Celtic. Besides, who celebrates St. Andrew's day?

    I, like the rest of secular America, have completely disconnected the religious concept from our various holidays. Christmas? Not about the mythology of the day. Easter? I like chocolate eggs. St. Patrick's day? I could give a damn about some snake-hating cleric. It's about the heritage.

    And the drinking? Well hot-damn, the Irish saved the English language at the expense of their own, built half of America on their broken backs, gave us the best band in the world, and a whole host of other wonderful things. I'll drink to that.

    For the record, though, I didn't wear green on St. Pat's day.



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