Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Randomness

It's Friday Randomness time!
First up is poor Bristol Palin, who is in the news because she got dumped. Call it what you will, but the guy spazzed out and dumped her. Bristol honey, been there done that. It sucks, but you're better off. Call me. We'll talk. Then file for custody and child support before he flakes any further.
Also on the Bristol Palin front is... Mommy dearest? You released a statement about this through your PAC? Really? Do you even know how that looks? It looks like you're getting bold about exploiting your daughter's heartache for your own political ambition. For that? Fuck you. It's bad enough you give all working mother's a bad name, you're also are a manipulative bitch to keep dragging your kid into the spotlight.
Unrelated to any of that is Irish Potatoes. You've seen them in the store. Those coconut things rolled in Cinnamon. Ummm, what now? Potatoes are indeed a staple of the Irish diet, along with lamb/mutton and fish. But Ireland is not noted for it's coconuts. I have never gotten where this candy came from. It's just totally bizarre. However on Saint Patty's Day I will treat you all (what all two readers?) to the story of why Irish people plant a potato on March 17th. We're a strange people.
I can not freaking wait for Lost next week. Seriously.


  1. I am quite Irish and have never heard of an "irish potato". In fact, wouldn't Irish potatoes, be, well, potatoes?

    As for Bristol, thank nothing in particular that she didn't get married. You know that whole thing was a setup to make her mom look good. The last thing that poor girl needed was to married that boy. She needs to lick her wounds, get away from her mother (call me, bristol, we have a spare room and we like babies), and grow up. Out of the public eye.

  2. I always thought Irish Potatoes were potatoes, or some kind of crazy potato candy until I ate one. I'm not a fan of coconut. It was gross. Stupid candy.
    That whole Bristol thing was a set up, and she really did luck out that they "broke off the engagement" or whatever these crazy kids are calling it these days. Poor girl, this really isn't something her mother should be putting her through.


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