Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy birthday

In my family we believe it is good luck to be born on a family member's birthday. I always secretly believed that was because we were a good Irish Catholic family and since there were so many of us odds were you were going to be born on or close to someone's birthday. Especially since kids are born in weird little clusters.
In some kinds if paganism it is good luck to be born on a full moon. It means you will have a full life.
A friend of mine's wife had their first child this afternoon,a darling little girl. Born on a full moon and on a mutual friend's birthday.
Good luck little lady, may you have all the luck in the world.
Gosh, I do love babies.
Incidentally she is also born a day off the anniversery of my aunt's death two years ago. Lots of births and deaths this time of year. Must be the change of seasons.

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