Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lost blogging

Richard is back. Huzzah! Now perhaps the show would like to exlain why he's the leader at a point when Windemore is supposed to be leading the lot of them. I did like him with Sawyer though, Richard with his cocky "whatever, I can kill you all" and Sawyer with his cocky "whatever, I can talk my way out of it".
Sawyer and Juliet make a good couple. Anyone could have seen that from teh first time they started to interact. And they actually seem to have chemistry, unlike Kate and anyone else. If Sawyer decides to dump the lovely and smart Juliet for Kate I'm going to be very upset. Just once can someone dump Kate in favor of Juliet? Please?
We've been hearing a lot about the Black Rock (I have gotten past seasons on DVD and have noticed that the ship gets mentioned pretty often). There is speculation that Richard was part of the Black Rock crew, but I'm thinking he may be an original inhabitant of the island, not just a long time one. So maybe someone could ask him what on earth is going on. Asking Ben does no good, he'd just as soon tell you the sky is green. Juliet will tell you what you want, if she knows it. Richard though, the only person who has asked Richard anything is Locke, and he asks stupid questions (what? He does.)
And maybe someone can ask him what's up with the statue.

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