Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lost blogging

Oh kids. Oh wow. Now, we all knew we were going to meet young Ben, right? I've been waiting, and I'm thrilled to see him. And now the spoiler regarding him and Kate makes a LOT more sense.
Grownup Ben, was he faking his arm injury? Or has he been healed? I can't fathom why he would fake an arm injury, but Ben often is beyond me. I love a villian that out-thinks me on a regular basis.
Sawyer? I've been liking you this season. Alot. You and Juliet are a fantastic couple. And you putting Jack in his place? Best. Scene. All. Episode. You've become the calm confident leader (just like Juliet has, the two of you are so formidable at this point I would dare Kate to try anything just to watch Juliet kill her) and you're a much better leader than Jack. You're right, you think and he reacts, which is why his leading was emotional and troublesome. And that must really piss him off, that you of all people are better suited for the role than he was.
Kate? Shut up. And fuck you. I'm just so annoyed at you and your behavor. You get engaged (to Jake for Christ's sake) and go on with your life and now you'll all angsty that Sawyer went on with his? What is pissing you off more? That he moved on, or that he moved on with Juliet? Seriously, watching Juliet smack you around for a while will be one of the highlights of this season for me.
What happened to the Others?!? Where is Richard? He'd better not be one of the deaths this season. Grrrrr.

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