Monday, March 9, 2009

My part for Mother Nature

Each year the kid and I start a garden. It has a couple of purposes, first it's fun for the kid, she likes to play in the dirt. It's a way of saving money, since we plant stuff we will use. It's a way of reducing our carbon footprint since we don't have to drive anywhere for fresh veggies.
We started seeds for lettuce, spearmint, basil, and some cutting flowers this weekend. Within the next few weeks we will start tomatoes and probably some beans too. Last year we had fantastic luck with container tomatoes until some swallowtail caterpillars came and ate them. So I'm hoping for the same this year, without the swallowtails. That's the hazard of growing without pesticides, you get bugs. Of course you can also eat stuff you pick yourself. I can not advocate gardening enough. Even container gardening, which is what I do most of the time due to our insane HOA laws.
In other random gardening news, my orchid is about to bloom. So how about that? I can grow orchids. Cool!

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