Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quack science

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One of the things that bothers me about being pagan is that in this country pagan and "new age" are viewed as the same thing. No. Not the same thing. Though there is an overlap, it is not all-encompassing as most people believe.
One of the reasons why this bothers me is because new agers tend to believe in quack medicine, which is putting actually medicine back years. The big reason, however, is vaccines.
Now before we start let me be clear, I in no way advocate not giving your child vaccines. My kid is up to date on all her shots. However, after the second round of shots and her resulting massive illness we went onto a modified schedual.
The kid got massively ill for days after her second round of shots. Bad enough that she had to be taken back to her doctor for an extremely high fever and vomiting. This is a reaction that can happen with a round of vaccines. Now, for non-parents out there, starting at birth your kid gets these rounds, and they are vaccinated until the age of two with up for up to 6 viruses at a time. Imagine you were exposed to 6 viruses at a time? You might get sick. It happens. I'm not sure what the logic is behind that.
There are people out there who believe that these vaccines give kids autism. That's such a hard line to draw. They do make some kids really sick. And some kids do seem to develop autism after a round of vaccines. Do I think it's the vaccine? No, I really don't. I wouldn't be suprised to learn that the vaccine is triggering a secondary response in these kid's system that in turn triggers the autism. After all, many kids with autism also have food allergies and other immune problems. Maybe the vaccines just start a chain reaction. After all, my disorder is thought to be the end result of a massive immune response to trama. Maybe autism is something like that.
I'm not saying it is, of course. I have no idea. I'd like to see a study about it. Of course I'd like to see a study about it for Fibro too.
What I am saying is that this quack science is muddying the waters and confusing the issue. And not just about autism, it happens about various other diseases too, but autism seems to be at the top of the list. And most dangerously these people are not giving their children important vaccines. For god's sake, just spread out the shots! Given over a two week period the reaction is almost nil. My kid got unimaginably ill, now it's nothing at all. It's just a hassel to have to go back a few times to get her stuck.
This is serious stuff these people are messing around with, and I seriously want people to stop associating these people with pagans. They are not pagan. They are nuts. New age does not mean pagan. People who believe in Indigo Children and autism caused by vaccines? Not pagan. Nuts. Not the same thing. Arg!! Pagans can be reasonable and believe in science!
/Right, enough ranting. I'm beginning to sound all crazy. Pagans are not quacks. Please take that away from this. KTHXBIE!


  1. I honestly think the 6 viruses at a time is because a lot of parents won't show up 6 different times for the same round of shots so somebody did a nasty bit of math:

    x= number of kids who get all vaccines because their parents couldn't be bothered or really just couldn't

    y= number of kids who will get sick from all 6 viruses at once.

    x > y, so 6 at once.

    your kid happened to by y. by that kind of math, it's acceptable. not that it is, but that's also how they decide whether or not to recall a car.

  2. Sadly you're right. Lots of parents wouldn't be bothered to take their kid's back more than once for vaccines. They would rather let their kids get sick. My kid isn't the only kid out there with extreme reactions to having too many vaccines at once.
    What actually pisses me off though is that the doctor doesn't even give you the option to have one shot one day, wait a week and have the other, and so on, until you freak out on them. Mainly because they don't get paid if the kid comes in, sits down in a chair by the nurse's station, and gets a shot by a nurse practitioner or whoever is there.


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