Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Because I don't say this often enough

I just want to mention again how much I love Wil Wheaton. I love getting to work and seeing he has a new post up, it's a really good start to the day.
What's that? You're not reading his blog?
For goodness sake, head over to the blog roll and make with the clicky! You'll be glad you did.


  1. i was surprised at how good his blog is. he seems very self deprecating and that leads to many lulz.

    thanks for making me blogroll him.

  2. I started reading his blog because he was commenting on another blog I read (Kung Fu Monkey) and I thought, "OMG Wil Wheaton! I love him!"
    Then I started reading his blog and I realized I would like to be friends with him. He seems so neat.

  3. Ya you made me revisit my Wil Wheaton crush.. I used to absolutely love the guy.. I was a Trekkie and one of my favorite eps was when they finally let the guy grow up and kiss a girl!

    Very cool guy with a very good blog, I check it out after I visit all the little people first ;)

  4. Oh I used to love him too. He was just the cutest thing, and he grew up to be wicked smart and funny as hell. Good for him.


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