Friday, April 3, 2009


I started reading Quiverfull last night. So far it's really thought provoking, and kind of disturbing. This isn't just some movement by a bunch of crazy people, this was well thought out, which means it was a well thought out way to abuse women (it really can't be honestly said any other way, these men abuse their wives). It's also terribly disturbing that these women go along with it. There are so many resourses to get women out of abusive marriages, I really think sometimes we need to start some kind of extensive outreach into communities like these.


  1. The most disturbing to me? "A woman must hold herself available to her husband at all times."

    Apparently that thing about women hitting their sexual peak at 35 is true, because I'm just a ball of lust lately, but I still don't want to do it at all times.

    How could you possibly own your own sexuality, and by extension, your body, your affections, your sense of self, if you are simply allowing your vagina to be used like a 7/11? (Always open, not always do business.)


  2. The uterus is not a clown car!

    Getting out of an abusive marriage gets progressively more difficult with each child and year away from the workforce. I can't imagine getting these women out with 8 kids who have never held a job.

    They're not even concerned with the health of the mother. The human body was not designed to produce that many offspring.


  3. Pbagosy: These woman actually believe that to die in childbirth is the ultimate sacrific, and the only way to prove you were a good enough Christian wife. Can you imagine the amount of brainwashing that went into the woman for her to draw that conclusion? It's amazing.
    PF: The idea that you must always be available to the man is really disturbing. It makes these women nothing but a vagina that cooks. That objectification is ironically what they claim they are fighting against.

  4. to die in childbirth is the ultimate sacrific


    I... what?

    Aren't these the same people who shriek and rave about how same-sex marriage is evil (in part) because it deprives a child of a mother and a father?


    No, my brain just melted again.


  5. Oh you have no idea how many of those contridictions go on in this movement. I am really not suprised when you read the stories of the women who left the movement and they all mention how they were insane. Sometimes in a very real way. You can't possibly live in teh Quiverfull lifestyle, not if you are a woman.


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