Thursday, April 16, 2009

Feeding the trolls

All day now I've been following the troll bashing on Slactivist's thread: Scenes from a Tea Party (look at the blog roll people). I love it when trolls show up on Fred's blog, mainly because they don't stand a chance. I initally thought there were two trolls, but one was just an antagonistic guy who didn't frame his argument well. Challenger Grim, on the other hand, troll all the way. Which is awesome. Because if there is one place where trolls shouldn't go, it is the most diverse place I have found on the internet (aside from The Cauldron). Because there is always someone there who can take you down.


  1. I only read some of it, the part that stuck out was the "wife beating" thing, the guy gives the quote and says "there" but I still don't see "wife beating" I see Daddy can't break the restraining order... I guess this person thinks that has to mean wife beater? Could be kid beater, or insane religious freak :P

  2. Yes, methinks the troll doth protests too much.


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