Thursday, April 2, 2009

Funny guys get the babes?

CNN has an article here about why funny guys attract more women. Apparently women believe that funny guys are more intelligent.
I'm going to break something to you. I don't tend to think funny guys are intelligent. I think smart guys are intelligent. Funny guys are funny. Sometimes they overlap, but having one doesn't mean you have the other.
I have a really strange sense of humor, so I probably wouldn't find these guys they had in the study funny anway. I think Ben on Lost is the funniest character on television. (He is! Very dry sarcastic humor. Great stuff.) I also have actual standards for intelligence, which I have found not all women have. I don't want you to just be able to watch Cash Cab and get the occassional answer right. I want to have conversations with you about things like history, art, literature, religion, etc. I will require you to think. If you don't think you will bore me, and that is when the relationship is over, no matter how freaking funny you are (or think you are).
This is a generalization study, and I hate those. It's out there to make men feel better, not provide an actual answer to a very complex question like attraction. This is almost a typical geek dream, that the dorky looking but smart and funny guy gets the really hot babe. Here is a study showing that happens!
Look, guys, I love you geeky dorky guys (see above), but only after you have grown out of the geeky dorky phase. Which means not until you're about 30-35. Until then, no matter how smart you are, or how funny you are, we'll be staying in the "just friends" rotation. After you start to get a hold of yourselves, then you can go ahead and see if this study has legs.
Right now it should be very clear to everyone why I'm single! Hah!

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