Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Self reliance gone too far?

One of the things that struck me about the Quiverfull/fundie marriage lifestyle is the constant harping on the family being self reliant. They are encouraged to isolate themselves, to not talk to people outside of the church, to be their own community.
Anyone who has ever been in an abusive relationship knows that this is one of the first steps to the escalation of abuse. If you are isolated completely, sometimes unable to even go to a store on your own, you have no one to turn to when things go wrong.
So, what part of this is a good idea?? Why do people keep glorifying this lifestyle? Is it because it was created solely to stroke a man's ego? An entire porn religion and lifestyle all wrapped up in a christian wrapping paper.
These people are sick.


  1. Yes, they are very sick, we must pray for them... oh wait, we can't.. damn.

  2. I can, they just don't want me to!

  3. i suspect you have hit on the reason for the isolationism. if their women spent a lot of time around you or me or rabbit, that movement wouldn't last long.

    "wait, you have fun with your vagina and you choose what clothes to wear? okay, i am SO done with this!"

  4. LMAO PF! ya we'd have so rocked their world.

    The more isolated they are, the easier it is to control them.

    I almost wish my Grandmother was still alive so I could ask her, if she knew mythology would make me question God, would she have let me read it? I'll never know. She wasn’t fundy though or real pushy about God… Actually that is slightly untrue. Last night at dinner with Mom and Dad I brought up all I’ve been learning here. I can talk to them about this cause they are open minded and know I’m weird LOL. My Mom was close to my Grandmother and she told us that Grandma prayed for my Dad because he wasn’t going to church like he should. My Mom admitted that when she talked about this to someone else, they told her that my Father lives his religion everyday. Apparently that one statement made my Mom totally rethink religion. She was catholic from a fairly catholic family but she saw the truth in how my father lived. He’s not religious really, but he has standards and works hard and expect the same from others ect.. He had all the good qualities of religion without all the baggage. Of course he’s a shit disturber like me, he said he thought creation should be taught in school and at first I couldn’t believe he would say that, but then I realized he just wanted to get me going. One more funny thing from that conversation. My Mom wants me to stop all this because she thinks I’m going to cause hell with my religious family members. I am a shit disturber like my Father, but I know where to draw the line. I tease some of them and point out how pagan some things are ect.. but I don’t mess with my Grandmother. She’s super religious (not that you’d know from her actions, she can be a real bitch) but she’s also superstitious, so to mess with her wouldn’t be fun, it would probably just frighten her. She’s not very educated and she was forced to marry really young because she became pregnant with my mom, she used to be an alcoholic and my Grandfather used to beat her. I think religion is very comforting for her and I wouldn’t take that away from her. She’s almost innocent in her belief, so as much fun as it is to mess with fundies and creatards ect, I wouldn’t mess with her. They ask for it, she doesn’t. I think she knows I don’t believe but her solution is just to pray for me, not to think I’m bad or stupid or anything like that. She loves me but thinks I’m a little lost, and I love her and think she’s a little naïve and her belief is harmless where as with fundies and the like, it’s not, it’s dangerous.


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