Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Randomness

Allergy season sucks to begin with. During a pandemic? Yeah, let's talk about how crazy people can get. Especially if you have Fibro with allergies, which means that, like me, you are achy, tired, have trouble breathing, run fevers, and in general are flu-like. Heh.
I've been watching Lost from the second season on, and something struck me about Ben. He doesn't change. As a character, he literally never changes. The others change. Ben's motives become more clear as we learn more of his back story, but he never changes. In terms of writing that was a good choice for your villian, because if he's perfect from the get-go, dear god don't mess with him. Jack, also has not changed, he's a massive tool through the whole series.
It has been irritating me recently that fundies use the "creation proves the creator" argument to try to prove God. Come on now. The world is wonderous, but it's not proof of any god. It's proof of science.

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  1. Let me say that today you are not alone... I ended up with the flu yesterday, couldn't sleep, all ache, chest hurts, feel hot... I don't think it's the oink oink but it really is a drag... Got me off work today though ;)

    As for God, well my venture back into biblical study has brought me to the conclusion that the worst thing a Christian could have done for me was tell me to read the Bible... I actually started another blog to more seriously voice my opinions on the matter... The Great Bunny is fun, but he doesn't like to delve deep into Christian mania ;P


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