Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What me, worry? Hell yes

This Saturday the kid is supposed to go to her father's for her first overnight visit. As of today, three days before the visit, he still has no room for her. No bed for her. His live-in girlfriend has not even vacated the room the kid is supposed to have*. He has no gates so she doesn't fall down the stairs. In fact, aside from a lamp and some sheets, I don't know what he does have.
Needless to say, under the best of circumstances, I would be freaking out. Right now I am slowly reaching Threat Level Red and may have a stroke by Friday night. So if the blogging is a bit sporadic, sorry about that folks. Being a mom comes before bitching about religion, Sarah Palin, and Lost.

*Yes, you read that right.


  1. Does the current agreement allow you to hand him a legal "oh HELL no," complete with head shake and waggling finger?


  2. I'll have to check the exact wording of the agreement, because I think that I may not be able to shake my head. Heh.
    It's actually written into the agreement that he has to have a proper room, with bed. If he doesn't I can nix the overnight until he does. I don't think the court trusted him too much if they allowed the person being sued to have say over whether an overnight visit would happen.


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