Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wendsday randomness

I recently introduced my brother to LOL cats. When I told him that there is a version of the Bible translated into LOL cat he told me that he wasn't suprised. He is becoming pretty good at speaking LOL and now uses "nom" in sentences. Hee!
The kid has apparently been telling everyone that she doesn't want fat boobs like mine. Thanks!
I've been listening to a lot of Buddy Holly recently. I do so love him. It really is a shame he died so young, there was something really special there.
I watched Spiderman 3 this weekend and was seriously unimpressed. I'm glad I didn't pay for it, because Iwould have wanted my money back. It was a good drama, not an action movie. If I hadn't been expecting a super hero action movie I would have been fine with it. Until they killed off Harry. That would have pissed me off regardless.


  1. Ya why did they kill Harry :( He was just becoming cool.

    I wasn't a big fan of Spiderman. The old cartoon was just too terrible and I never recovered from it. (oh that terrible green pea soup background)

  2. I was never a Spiderman girl either, I'm a Batman girl. But the first two Spiderman movies were enjoyable.

  3. first 2 spidermans- fun. 3rd- sucked. and, in the interest of improving my lollerkatz, where is this bible and what is "nom"?

  4. Oh Hai! LOLCat bible is here...
    A nom is supposed to be the word for eating something really good, or at least trying to. For instance, my kitten noms on my brother's hand when he rubs her belly.

  5. I loved reading the LOLcat bible, I tried to read it out loud to my Man but it's very hard to do, we were in stitches.

    I knew I like you Leigh, I'm so a Batman girl too. I also like Wolverine but that's cause he's badass, short and Canadian LOL.

    I liked the first spiderman because of the way they showed him learning about his new powers; it just seemed like that's how it would feel. The way he was just 'holy shit!' while he was jumping. It was fun to watch.

    I liked the new Batman movies, they were darker then the cartoony feel of the previous ones. I have to say though, I liked Michelle as Catwoman. Growing up with my father, who liked to point out hot women even though I was his daughter, made me grow up appreciating hot women, and she was hot and slightly evil, great combo.

  6. I adore the new Batman movies! Christian Bale is spot-on, and Gary Oldman as Commis. Gordon was really inspired casting (especially in Dark Knight, he made me a bit weepy at the end during the standoff with Two-Face). I also love Wolverine, so apparently I like my super-hero's all emo, LOL!
    And Michelle? Was teh hotness as Catwoman. No offense to Halley Berry, but you can't be as hot as Michelle as Catwoman.


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