Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lost blogging

OK, what was the supposed "shocking revolation" from last night's show? Both big reveals were stuff we already knew, we knew they were building the hatch, and we knew who Miles' dad was. I don't get it. Unless it was Faraday? I guess? Meh, who knows.
That said, good episode. I like Miles, and I liked seeing a lot of him. He's a bit more angsty than snarky now, but that's still OK, the guy can talk to the dead. Angst goes with that. I also like him with Hurley, and I haven't been as in love with Hurley this season. Though last night's ep did remind me why I did love him.
Kate? Hi! Sawyer's right, where is your head? Retarded woman. Good job screwing up his life with Juliet!
And what on earth does lie in the shadow of the statue? I want to know!

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