Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh Oprah....

So, why are women leaving men for other women?
I actually want to put a sigh in here, because my first reaction was to look at the byline to see if this was written by a man (it wasn't).
The article itself wasn't all that bad, I've seen much worse regarding women's sexuality and it's fluidity. After all, where men tend to be gay or straight, some women do go back and forth (I am one of those women, God help me). One of the interesting things they mention is that women like me fall in love with a person, not a gender.
That's interesting because it mentions something that I know I have a hard time explaining. I have friends who fall in love with men (or women). And they fall in love with their respective parts and actions, but the basic sex is always playing a role in how they view the prospective partner.
I tend to be more attracted to what a person is like, the physical stuff goes along with that, but if I don't like who you are, it just won't last. Interestingly the study referenced in this piece mentions that a women who feels a connection with a person of the same sex will be more likely to move on it, even if she was heterosexual. And she can go back. This seems to be coming dangerously close to saying that most women are or can be bisexual (of course some women are firmly hetero or homosexual but the possiblity is there). One of the other points made is just how threatening this can be to people who are concerned with "traditional" sexuality. Which is a nice was of saying fundies I suppose.
However, it is nice seeing this subjected treated in something like a respectful manner.


  1. It was surprisingly respectful, wasn't it? I hate the title, but authors often don't choose those, so I'll let it go.

    the fact is, women's sexuality is generally much more fluid than men's. now whether that's cultural (lesbians are SO much more acceptable than gay males) or physical, who knows, but it's true.

  2. There are a number of lesbians out there in the spotlight, which would hint that it's a more accepted form of sexuality than being a gay male. I'm sure that is a factor that influences how a woman deals with her how sexual feelings.

  3. I think one of the causes of the fact that this is becoming more common is that we're seeing a reduction on the stigma associated with being outside the "100%HETERONOTGAY" part of the sexual spectrum, which is in turn empowering women to go for what they want.

    The simple fact that men happen to stick more to the extreme ends of that spectrum means that we're less likely to see men leaving women for men. Well, that, and the stigma on men is far more pervasive than it is for women.



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