Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What you may not be watching

On TV. Tonight is "Better off Ted", which is quirky and funny and probably getting canceled soon, so catch a peak while you still can.
On Tuesdays is "Deadliest Catch". If my office is any indication not all of you may be watching this nail biter on the Discovery Channel. Last season was very good, and this season looks to be just as good. I'm always happy to spend Tuesday night with the Hansen brothers and thank my lucky stars I don't have to work with them.
If you like baking cakes you might not be watching the "Food Network Challenge" series "Last Cake Standing". A mix of Survior and standard competition that is a bit of a departure from their usual food porn (I like making cakes and so I LOVE this series, and have favorites among the chefs because I know their work).

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  1. is the last cake standing the one about cake decorating? I watch that on occasion, it's fun to see if they can get their cakes to the display table LOL


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