Thursday, April 16, 2009

From Comhradh

Who was kind enough to let me know about the newest Beck insanity.

"OK, I've heard some new insanity from Beck, and while I stand by my assertion that Hannity is a psychopath, I must admit that Glenn Beck is certainly making a case for having a judge commit him to a psych ward.
Because he's afraid of *dimes.*
The whole 3 minutes are just pants-on-head crazy, but around the 2:30 mark, he breaks out this mouth-frothing lunacy that we've been tra-la-la-ing down the road to fascism since a fasces appeared on the back of the dime that was minted when *Woodrow Wilson* was president - almost a decade before Mussolini introduced fascism to the world - but hey, look over there! EVIL DEMOCRATS!"

Thank you Comhradh*!

*You know, I have no idea why I am having such a hard time typing that this morning. This doesn't bode well for my upcoming goal of teaching myself Gaelic.


  1. Having attempted to teach myself Gaelic, it might be to your advantage. I've moved on to Arabic- it's easier.

  2. I'm hoping since I only want to read it and not speak it I'll have an easier time. I can't speak foreign languages to save my soul, but I'm pretty good at translation.

  3. I have a Teach Yourself Gaelic CD/book set that I've never used. I bought it thinking it was something I could do in the car, but alas, it's a follow-along-in-the-book thing.

    And it's the Scottish version of Gaelic, which works for me, but I'm betting you're looking more for the Irish version. Modern Irish Gaelic is a lot more phonetic (like Lugnasa as opposed to Lughnasadh).

    Problems spelling comhradh? Try pronouncing it!

    It's similar to "coverage," like "cove-raj." Those crazy Gaels had no respect for Latin letters. Or Latin invaders, come to think of it.


  4. Dia duit,

    I learned the Irish language nearly every day in school for 14 years and can still hardly speak it.

    Just thought that might inspire you!

    BTW the term Gaelic is not used in Ireland. We just say Irish, or Gaelige (Irish for Irish!)

    Slán leat mo chara...


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