Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sure it is...

It's all the weather's fault that more people aren't showing up to your insane teabagging parties (kinky!)
Sure it is.


  1. linky?

    as for that, i gotta tell you, every year the St. Patrick's Day Parade in my city attracts about twice the population of said city, and it's held in February . . . in Pennsylvania.

    'nuff said.

  2. Oops, no link on that one. One of the girls here was mentioning that the bad weather and lack of permits were probably going to keep people inside. And since Instaputz mentioned it to, I figured it was worth making fun of. And I wanted to say Teabagging. Drives up my stats, heh.

  3. Oh, and dude, so many people are drunk by the time they get to that parade, man oh man. I know some people who go down to Philly for it, and they end up hung over for days.
    But that's neither here nor there...

  4. note to self: serve alcohol at protests if you want an actual showing.

  5. LOL you might get me to a protest if you offer something a little naughter then alcohol ;P


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