Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lost blogging

I'm going to make this quicker than usual, because I plan on watching it again this weekend.
First off, I have to say the Ben/Alex storyline has always killed me. I completely understand wanting to kill in revenge for killing your child. So last night really killed me.
What also killed me was his hair. WTF Ben? Actually, WTF hair and makeup? What did Michael Emerson do to you? That kept snapping me back out of the show and I HATE that.
Anyway, the temple looks terribly Egyptian to me, and the picture of Anubus and the smoke moster was cool.
What the hell is going on with the timeline? I need to go to the wiki again and figure that out.
And who keeps putting Richard in jewel tone shirts when the others are in earth tones? Not the best jungle camo. Boy stands out. And he did wear earth tones. And have nasty hair and a three day beard, what happened to that? He got over it?
I am so confused.


  1. The temple looked Egyptian, and there was definitely some Anubis/Smoke Monster love going on there, but that writing... didn't appear to be hieroglyphics.

    So, Ben remembers being brought to the temple when they healed him, but not why he was in need of healing? What does he and does he not remember?

    Also: I knew they weren't going to kill Penny off. And I imagine that Des is going to pull through. Beating the everloving piss out of Ben Linus is the best medicine.


  2. Des looked pretty damn perky when he was beating the piss out of Ben, didn't he? Methinks it was merely a flesh-wound. Though if Des decides to go back to the Island Ben is going to be in a world of trouble. This really isn't his season, is it?
    I doubt that Ben actually remembers Richard bringing him to the Temple to be healed, since he was unconcious at the time. He probably knows because later on he was told what happened.
    Now, what on earth is going on with Ilana? What does lie in the shadow of the statue? Who the hell are you lady? Working for Wimdmore? People are floating the idea but no one seems convinced yet. People seem to lean toward a third party, perhaps the reason for the war.

  3. I stopped watching this show when I realized it was a series LOL. I thought it just about a plane crash and how people survived and that there would be an ending coming up. When I found out it was a series I was disappointed :( I don't really like shows with continuing storylines, I like shows where there is a beginning and an end. Like House, it does have a storyline that continues though the show but each episode has a conclusion at the end :P I guess I have a short attention span. I hate the words ‘to be continued’.


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