Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Go Spector

Wow. Good for you. You are a strange little man, but as I have agreed with over half of what you've said, you are the only Republican I have ever voted for. Next time I get to vote a straight Democratic ticket. Huzzah!
Seriously though, you are kind of strange. That cancer did you no favors.


  1. speaking as someone who has met spector, he is indeed a strange little man.

    what i liked was his open cynicism. "people don't like republicans anymore, so now i'm a democrat." awesome!

  2. That's why I have voted for him, as a politican he is really very open and honest. Even to the point where it could really hurt him. But you don't ever getthe feeling that he's hiding what he's really thinking. Such as now, everyone knows what he's thinking.


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