Thursday, April 9, 2009

Unrelated to Lost...

I really hate it when these "traditional marriage" folks refer to gay marriage as "neutering" marriage. Do they know what that means? Because as far as I know no one is coming close to suggesting that we need to neuter anything. Or spay. Come on now people, use your dictionaries!!


  1. I think they just like to scare men with the "removal of balls" subtext.

    Honestly, "neutered marriage" makes me think of a Barbie and a Ken doll trying to fuck.

  2. HAHAHAHA! Oh man, now I won't be able to look at my kid's barbies without laughing.

  3. LOL! Barbie and Ken are so messed up, but how scary would it be if they HAD genitals :P

    I sometimes wonder why there is such a fuss over a word. Then I start to see their (gay community) side of it. They don't want to be seen as different from anyone else. I think that's why calling it 'civil union' isn't acceptable to them. To me it seems like a good solution, fuck the people who want 'marriage' to be 'their' word. Civil unions are the same as marriages so why care about the word? I answer myself by saying they DO care about the word, why should they have to call something that is the exact same thing, something else just to make some people happy. A part of me thinks this is all just ridiculous until I really think about it and how that giving up that one word could lead to so many other things that are just NOT good. Apathy is never the answer, it’s just lazy, and while I'm being lazy, someone is out there working hard to take away my rights.

    This is what I gained from you, Leigh, and the others on Vera's blog. I start to see how letting people believe what they want and then teach it, can actually be dangerous. Live and let live may seem like a good idea, but when you really think about it, what they do and teach can really affect everyone. Some people might be harmless, but others can be dangerous so one better be paying attention.

  4. Exactly Rabbit! First off there should be no reason why gay people shouldn't be treated like everyone else. If people had sat back during the civil rights movement and said, "It's not that bad" there would still be segregation now. It's not fair for gay marriage to not be marriage. It's a subtle way of stripping them of a right to be human. This is the new civil rights movement, our generation's chance to right a wrong and to fight back against an established way of thinking that is outdated and unacceptable.


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